Open Licensing – Will This Lead to a New Hobby?

28 01 2013

The latest module in the MOOC I am taking discusses “Open Licensing.” I found the topic of licensing a bit confusing. I have bookmarked the information for “just-in-time” use…later.

The activity asks us to use the advanced search in Google to find items that can be used freely. I found this very helpful. It seems I’m always looking for photos or videos to use to make a point in a presentation. I specifically searched for “how-to photography” type sites.

I found the following interesting sites:

My Favorite Site:

This is a Creative Commons (CC) site that provides links to photographers and websites that use CC licenses. There is a ton of information here that I will find useful later…if I want to start posting my own how-to’s and hints for better photography on my blog. There is also an useful section that discusses enforcement of creative licenses.

I’m not sure how much “remixing” I would do with these resources. However, I could easily find other uses for the information. I’m imagining a page or two of tricks and techniques I’ve found useful over the years…all freely posted for others to use next to my own examples of how I used each tip. I’ll have to become a bit more versed in the reuse license specifics before I move forward. I still find that part very confusing.

There are a million sites with very cool ideas for this topic.  The hardest part of this assignment was to quit searching and write the post!

So much to learn…so little time!