Do I embarass you?

12 04 2010

I believe that Joey thinks that a mother’s job is to totally humiliate him in front of his friends. He RUNS…no…SPRINTS…out of the van when I drop him off at school. Nolan hugs me…and continues to blow kisses from the curb as I drive away.

I volunteered to help Joey’s class with their Stations of the Cross play. Joey wouldn’t even look me in the eye. He actually seemed a bit disappointed when one of his friends recognized me as “Joey’s mom.”

Today’s conversation added the final proof I needed to make my case.

Joey: “Mom, do you Facebook?”
Me: “Yes.”
Joey: “Do you post things that I say on Facebook?”
Me: “Yes, why do you ask?”
Joey: “Miss Walsh knows the same words I do.”

The most important question…which I didn’t ask…is: Do I stop posting the funny and entertaining things that Joey says to me?


This Blogging Stuff is Work

7 04 2010

Geez…just realized that I haven’t posted in a long time. I didn’t think that this was going to be work! It is a very good thing that I don’t have a lot of readers or advertisers demanding new material!

I am officially old, even thought I feel like I’m still 16!

18 03 2010

My friends and I have been discussing the fact that we’re getting older. I really do not FEEL old. However, the following situation hit me like a ton of bricks!

One of our departments hired a new administrative assistant. She is great…young…eager…excited to be working for us. During her first week, I introduced myself and we began talking. We quickly discovered that we grew up in the same small town. In fact, my cousin’s son is dating her sister.

We had a chance to talk again yesterday during our St. Patrick’s Day Chili Cook Off. Here’s how the discussion unfolded (I have changed her name to protect the innocent).

Me: You are a “Smith?” Wow. I’m a “Smyth.”

Annie: Wow. It is a small world.

Me: Yes. Wait a minute. Your dad must be good friends with Mike and Maggie Smith. My parents are good friends with them too.

Annie: My dad? Hmmm. Oh wait. You must mean my Grandpa.

Like I said…ton of bricks.

Is it really THAT bad?

15 03 2010
Joey in Googles

Is it really THAT bad?

Joe loves to clean the bathrooms. I guess it was really bad this week.

A New and Improved Me?

15 03 2010

It has been approximately three years since my cancer diagnosis. Do you know what that means?!? Yes…time to pick out new breasts!

I picked up the “girls” on Saturday. I’m still trying to get used to them. They are a different style and a bit larger than the old ones. The salesperson told me that they looked great.

Guess I need to go out and buy a new outfit! Seriously…I cannot wear old shirts under new breasts.

I volunteered at the boys’ school today. I can only say one thing…those teachers are saints! I could not do what they do every day! I was excited to see Nolan’s face when I surprised him. He is the “star student” this week so I decided to stop by his room and read to the class. He loved it. It made my day!

I’m beginning to bore myself…so I’ll sign off!

One things leads to another…

10 03 2010

Have you ever gone to the Web to do some research and then find your entire day has slipped away? It happens to me all of the time.

I’ve been working on some project ideas and needed to view some demos and gather information about various web applications as part of the process. One site led me to another which led to another, then led to something even better, then to a site with a list of awesome apps, and so on.

Bad news…I spent a lot of time research items today. Good news…I learned about some really cool apps I can actually use!

I highly recommend the following site. It lists a nice overview of new Web startup companies. The site also gives you a chance to vote on the next “sliced bread” concept.


Just another Saturday with the kids…

9 03 2010

I have the best conversations with my kids while driving to and from wherever we are going. Last Saturday was no exception.

“Mom! I just saw a cow’s b-u-t-t!”

“Nolan! You did?”

(in a whisper) “Yes. I didn’t want to say it out loud. I don’t want to teach Ellie bad words.”

I was so excited that The Cannoli can spell…and can spell the word, “butt” correctly! The English language can be very tricky!