Given up on the Open Source MOOC

22 03 2013

So…it has been awhile…mostly because I have given up on my MOOC about Open Source content.

Here’s my “second” impression of MOOCs…this list is somewhat more fair than my first impression:

  1. I didn’t enjoy the class.
  2. I liked the platform…
  3. I felt very disconnected from the course, instructor, and fellow students.
  4. A “learning community” was nonexistent.
  5. I experienced a few technical problems…some were in the course design…and couldn’t find any help.  Fortunately, I was able to find a solution on my own by trial and error.
  6. I liked the combination of text and video lectures. I also liked the variety of information from the instructor, research on the topic written by experts, and video interviews of experts.
  7. The instructor practiced what he preached…open source content sharing.
  8. I struggled with the various forms of copyright licences for open source content.  I never quite figured it out.  I wasn’t able to ask questions.
  9. The instructor rarely checked in with the class…at least that was the impression.
  10. I don’t think I was the only one who gave up…out of 550 students…only about 25 posted course “assignments” to their blogs.  There may have been more since there was a problem with linking blogs to the course.
  11. This class delivery format would be great for refreshers, exam preparation, professional development, community education, flipped classroom content, hybrid delivery, and self-paced, adaptive release courses.
  12. Finally (until I think of others), no real learning took place…at least in my case.  I diligently gave it my all at the beginning, but then gave up after the 4th struggle with the technology and content.

What’s next? I think I will look for another MOOC and try again…maybe with a different learning platform.

Stay tuned…


Open Licensing – Will This Lead to a New Hobby?

28 01 2013

The latest module in the MOOC I am taking discusses “Open Licensing.” I found the topic of licensing a bit confusing. I have bookmarked the information for “just-in-time” use…later.

The activity asks us to use the advanced search in Google to find items that can be used freely. I found this very helpful. It seems I’m always looking for photos or videos to use to make a point in a presentation. I specifically searched for “how-to photography” type sites.

I found the following interesting sites:

My Favorite Site:

This is a Creative Commons (CC) site that provides links to photographers and websites that use CC licenses. There is a ton of information here that I will find useful later…if I want to start posting my own how-to’s and hints for better photography on my blog. There is also an useful section that discusses enforcement of creative licenses.

I’m not sure how much “remixing” I would do with these resources. However, I could easily find other uses for the information. I’m imagining a page or two of tricks and techniques I’ve found useful over the years…all freely posted for others to use next to my own examples of how I used each tip. I’ll have to become a bit more versed in the reuse license specifics before I move forward. I still find that part very confusing.

There are a million sites with very cool ideas for this topic.  The hardest part of this assignment was to quit searching and write the post!

So much to learn…so little time!


21 01 2013

Testing to see if this will post in my class.  Thanks!

Resurrecting the blog…

7 01 2013

Whoa…I haven’t posted since October 2010.

I’m resurrecting this blog as a requirement for an online course.  I am enrolled in “Introduction to Openness in Education” taught by David Wiley (

I’m anxious for an interesting adventure into the world of MOOCs!

Stay tuned…

Honky Tonk Anyone?

19 04 2010

Roy and I made a mistake by allowing the kids to listen to “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk” by Trace Adkins. It is a fun song, catchy tune, fun to dance to, etc. However, it probably isn’t the kind of song you want your daughter singing in church. Yes…she started to sign it during Halle’s First Communion Mass. Good thing she likes the Alleluia songs as much as the Honky Tonk.

Elise requests this song each time we jump into the van. Last evening, she started to sing it on her own. She started with, “Donkadunk…hmmm…honky tonk…slap your Grandma…”

Roy looked at me…I looked at him. We did our best to hold back the laughter…we did well until The Cannoli spoke in a “I’m so ashamed of you tone of voice:”

“Way to go Dad, way to go.”

Business Principles and Parenting – Same Rules Apply

16 04 2010

I attended THE BEST training session I have ever attended. The customer service training course was developed by the authors of “Who’s Your Gladys: How To Turn Even the Most Difficult Customer into your Biggest Fan,” Marilyn Suttle and Lori Jo Vest. Marilyn facilitated the session. She is a truly gifted consultant and trainer.

Early in the process of contracting and development of the training, I discovered (through Lori Jo) that Marilyn is also an expert in parenting. Marilyn used many parenting stories as examples of techniques used to improve communication and listening skills to improve customer service.  It was a natural fit, especially since so many of our staff are parents.

At one point during her presentation, she displayed a picture of her son and his friends (looking very menacing) followed by a picture of two sweet babies (her twin nieces). She reminded the group that deep down we are those two adorable babies…and as humans we all start there. We were all innocent with the whole world ahead of us.  My brain exploded!!!

Why did my brain explode? Well…because the night before my daughter was trying to explain something to me and I couldn’t grasp the point of her story. Based on what she said, it sounded as if she spent some time in the “baby room” playing with the little ones. She said, “Mommy! I was a baby when I was born.” I think I grunted or something in return. “Mommy! I didn’t smile then either.”  I think she was trying to tell me that it is OK that the babies don’t smile.  They will someday.  So profound for a three-year-old!

Marilyn taught me so much this week, and not only how to improve my own customer service skills.  She taught me how to be a better leader, and better mommy, and (more importantly) more about myself to become a better person.  Thanks Marilyn!

Do I embarass you?

12 04 2010

I believe that Joey thinks that a mother’s job is to totally humiliate him in front of his friends. He RUNS…no…SPRINTS…out of the van when I drop him off at school. Nolan hugs me…and continues to blow kisses from the curb as I drive away.

I volunteered to help Joey’s class with their Stations of the Cross play. Joey wouldn’t even look me in the eye. He actually seemed a bit disappointed when one of his friends recognized me as “Joey’s mom.”

Today’s conversation added the final proof I needed to make my case.

Joey: “Mom, do you Facebook?”
Me: “Yes.”
Joey: “Do you post things that I say on Facebook?”
Me: “Yes, why do you ask?”
Joey: “Miss Walsh knows the same words I do.”

The most important question…which I didn’t ask…is: Do I stop posting the funny and entertaining things that Joey says to me?