Open Licensing – Will This Lead to a New Hobby?

28 01 2013

The latest module in the MOOC I am taking discusses “Open Licensing.” I found the topic of licensing a bit confusing. I have bookmarked the information for “just-in-time” use…later.

The activity asks us to use the advanced search in Google to find items that can be used freely. I found this very helpful. It seems I’m always looking for photos or videos to use to make a point in a presentation. I specifically searched for “how-to photography” type sites.

I found the following interesting sites:

My Favorite Site:

This is a Creative Commons (CC) site that provides links to photographers and websites that use CC licenses. There is a ton of information here that I will find useful later…if I want to start posting my own how-to’s and hints for better photography on my blog. There is also an useful section that discusses enforcement of creative licenses.

I’m not sure how much “remixing” I would do with these resources. However, I could easily find other uses for the information. I’m imagining a page or two of tricks and techniques I’ve found useful over the years…all freely posted for others to use next to my own examples of how I used each tip. I’ll have to become a bit more versed in the reuse license specifics before I move forward. I still find that part very confusing.

There are a million sites with very cool ideas for this topic.  The hardest part of this assignment was to quit searching and write the post!

So much to learn…so little time!


Education is Sharing

16 01 2013

This post is for the first module assignment in IOE13

I could write about several learning experiences where a person truly shared their learning with me.  Where should I start?  Should I describe how my grandmother taught me how to make Snickerdoodles? What about my Human Resources Management professor who shared with me how to make an oral presentation more effective? I cannot forget to mention how Richard, my dissertation chairperson, shared with me how to write academically.  There was the time my mother shared with me how to sew, crochet, and how to be a good mom to my own kids.

There were so many learning experiences…and many more to come.

There are common elements to each experience:

1. Learning by example – each shared with me their own technique, shortcuts, and helpful advice

2. Learning by doing – each gave me an opportunity to model my technique after their own in a safe environment, with a mentor, before heading out on my own

3.  Learning from my mistakes – each helped me correct my mistakes, shared with me their own mistakes in learning something new, and encouraged me to practice until I got it right

I have always believed that education is about sharing…maybe that is why I am so interested in the Openness movement in education.