Given up on the Open Source MOOC

22 03 2013

So…it has been awhile…mostly because I have given up on my MOOC about Open Source content.

Here’s my “second” impression of MOOCs…this list is somewhat more fair than my first impression:

  1. I didn’t enjoy the class.
  2. I liked the platform…
  3. I felt very disconnected from the course, instructor, and fellow students.
  4. A “learning community” was nonexistent.
  5. I experienced a few technical problems…some were in the course design…and couldn’t find any help.  Fortunately, I was able to find a solution on my own by trial and error.
  6. I liked the combination of text and video lectures. I also liked the variety of information from the instructor, research on the topic written by experts, and video interviews of experts.
  7. The instructor practiced what he preached…open source content sharing.
  8. I struggled with the various forms of copyright licences for open source content.  I never quite figured it out.  I wasn’t able to ask questions.
  9. The instructor rarely checked in with the class…at least that was the impression.
  10. I don’t think I was the only one who gave up…out of 550 students…only about 25 posted course “assignments” to their blogs.  There may have been more since there was a problem with linking blogs to the course.
  11. This class delivery format would be great for refreshers, exam preparation, professional development, community education, flipped classroom content, hybrid delivery, and self-paced, adaptive release courses.
  12. Finally (until I think of others), no real learning took place…at least in my case.  I diligently gave it my all at the beginning, but then gave up after the 4th struggle with the technology and content.

What’s next? I think I will look for another MOOC and try again…maybe with a different learning platform.

Stay tuned…