I am officially old, even thought I feel like I’m still 16!

18 03 2010

My friends and I have been discussing the fact that we’re getting older. I really do not FEEL old. However, the following situation hit me like a ton of bricks!

One of our departments hired a new administrative assistant. She is great…young…eager…excited to be working for us. During her first week, I introduced myself and we began talking. We quickly discovered that we grew up in the same small town. In fact, my cousin’s son is dating her sister.

We had a chance to talk again yesterday during our St. Patrick’s Day Chili Cook Off. Here’s how the discussion unfolded (I have changed her name to protect the innocent).

Me: You are a “Smith?” Wow. I’m a “Smyth.”

Annie: Wow. It is a small world.

Me: Yes. Wait a minute. Your dad must be good friends with Mike and Maggie Smith. My parents are good friends with them too.

Annie: My dad? Hmmm. Oh wait. You must mean my Grandpa.

Like I said…ton of bricks.



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