A New and Improved Me?

15 03 2010

It has been approximately three years since my cancer diagnosis. Do you know what that means?!? Yes…time to pick out new breasts!

I picked up the “girls” on Saturday. I’m still trying to get used to them. They are a different style and a bit larger than the old ones. The salesperson told me that they looked great.

Guess I need to go out and buy a new outfit! Seriously…I cannot wear old shirts under new breasts.

I volunteered at the boys’ school today. I can only say one thing…those teachers are saints! I could not do what they do every day! I was excited to see Nolan’s face when I surprised him. He is the “star student” this week so I decided to stop by his room and read to the class. He loved it. It made my day!

I’m beginning to bore myself…so I’ll sign off!



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