Has the World gone crazy or is it just me?

5 03 2010

Do you ever wonder why your neighbors are always weird?  I’m beginning to think it is me.  Each time I move, I have at least one weird neighbor.  After giving it more thought, I realized that I am the only constant in the equation.  Maybe it is me!

This past week as been unusually frustrating and disappointing.  Maybe I am setting my expectations too high.

My “Lenten Promise” may be making things worse.  It was meant to make me a better person. I’m trying to be nice to people (especially those closest to me) during this Lenten season.  Believe me, it is much harder than giving up Diet Coke or chocolate.  Thank God for good friends who are willing to let me vent.  Otherwise, I’d implode (exploding is too messy…I wouldn’t want anyone to have to clean up that kind of mess on my behalf)!  I have told the kids that they will also have to be nice to each other for Lent.  They are begging me to allow them to give up candy instead.

Things at work, notes from the Kindergarten teacher, the horrible singers on American Idol, note from the school, catching another cold/sinus infection, and the endless pile of laundry and dirty dishes all have gotten the better of me this week.

I’m hoping I can get rid of the “crazy” before the weekend is over!

I’m sure I’ll look back at all of this and wish the “crazy” was as easy as it is today.

One last note…to The Canoli…I am saving all the notes that I receive from your teachers.  Otherwise, you will not believe me when I tell you the stories of your childhood!



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