1 03 2010

Elise has discovered a new word.  “Beautiful.”

My sister found a toy vanity and gave it to Elise for her birthday.  She could hardly wait for Daddy to put it together.  In fact, nothing could separate her from the gift.  No matter how many times her cousins and siblings asked her to play, she wouldn’t leave his side as he put it together.  She sat down at the vanity once it was assembled, looked into the mirror, and said, “I’m beautiful.”

Elise loves pop-up books.  My parents have given her some really neat ones.  They found “Jungle Book” in pop-up form for Christmas.  She received two more books from Grandpa and Grandma on her birthday.  The other night, she went to her room, found her PJ’s, and put on a pull-up.  She came downstairs and told me that she was ready for bed…but not yet.  She was ready…but didn’t want to go to bed!  She ran into the family room and came back with her two new pop-up books.  She looked up at me with her sweet and serious face and said, “Mommy, will you read this beautiful book to me before bed?”

Elise…my beautiful baby girl!


Elise - the Party Princess



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