“A Hollar and a Swallar”

17 02 2010

Hello from the CCME Conference in Music City, USA!  And…that it is!  There is music everywhere!  I imagine that this is what Heaven looks like, minus the homeless and the rejected musicians wandering from bar to bar.

I have four great joys in life (other than my family and friends)…people watching, taking photos, eating, and music (not necessary in that order).  There is an abundance of all here.  I need to bring Roy back some time when I don’t have to work. I cannot wait to show my mom the pictures I took of the “local color!”

My friends and I went to the Wild Horse Saloon last night.  The band was fantastic until they stopped playing at 9:30 p.m.  We then worked our way over to Tootsies.  Tootsies is a bar that closely resembles a closet.  The stage is tiny, but the music is amazing.  The band last night was very good.  The lead singer was originally from Alabama.  He was a riot.  Each time he saw or heard something he liked or made a joke, he would say, “Can I git a hollar and a swallar?!?”  Everyone one in the place would stop, yell/hollar, and then take a drink of whatever they were drinking (a.k.a. swallar).  I think I’ll use this saying the next time our team meets our goal!

We are going out and about again today…more people watching, more photo taking, more dancing.  I cannot wait to see what Nashville has waiting for me!

“Can I git a hollar and a swallar?!?”  Yee haw!



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