New Year’s Revolution

11 02 2010

Joey reminded me over dinner, “Mom, is that your New Year’s Revolution?”  Did I stick to the “no Diet Coke” pledge?  No.  Am I eating healthier…well…off and on.  Tomorrow is another day, right?

It has been one long winter and I’m in the dumps.  I’m sick…again…heading to the doctor tomorrow for a third round of whatever they can give me!

The good news, I have a few trips that I am excited about.  This month…Nashville.  Next month…Chicago.  Month after that…Asheville.  I’m hoping to slip in another trip over the kid’s spring break.  I’ve been sending hints to Roy.  Most of the trips are for work, but they leave me energized.  Conferences give me a chance to step back and view the organization from a more objective distance.  I also gain at least one good idea while away.  The trips also give me a chance to have fun with colleagues and coworkers.

I’m hoping the trips are the medicine to cure what ails me!

Elise stayed home with me today.  She is so sweet.  She told Roy, “I help make Mommy better, OK?”  She crawled into bed with me and started to pat and rub my back.  What would I do without my three little boogers?  I tell each one before bedtime, “Can I tell you a secret?  You make me laugh everyday!”

I’ll leave you with our dinner conversation.

Me:  “Joey, do you know what tomorrow is?”

Joey:  “Valentine’s Day?”

Roy:  “No.”

Joey:  “Oh wait.  I know.  Lincoln’s birthday!  Alright!”

Me:  “Should we celebrate?”

Joey, ignoring my question:  “Nolan, did you know that George Washington was our first president?”

Nolan: “Was Abraham Lincoln second?”

Joey:  “No.  He was the 16th. John Adams was the second president of these United States.”  Yes, he said, “THESE United States.”

Nolan: “K. Who was third? Lincoln?”

Joey:  “No, Thomas Edison.”

Roy: “Really, so he invented the light bulb at the White House?”

Nolan: “That’s awesome!”

I’m off to tuck the little ones in for the night…and yes…I’ll remind them that they make me laugh everyday!  Life is good.



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