It’s snowing!

9 02 2010

Big surprise, snow in February…in Michigan!  Everyone is freaking out.  You should have seen the desperation in the shoppers’ faces at the local Kroger.  They shopped as if they would be snowed in for days!  Bottled water and canned goods were flying off the shelves.  Why was I there?  Well, I decided to shop a bit early for our office potluck.  I’m in charge of cheesy potatoes, a deli tray, and rolls.  Our front office receptionist suggested I go early because of the snow.  She’s brilliant!  Will we actually receive the six to ten inches as predicted?  Only time will tell.  As I type, every kid in Michigan (including some adults) is doing little “bring on the snow” dances!

I feel badly for Washington D.C.  I hear this storm is heading their way.

My oldest and youngest have birthdays three days apart.  I have planned a small family get together to celebrate.  It will be hard for us this year because this time of year does not only mark my childrens’ birthdays.  It is also the anniversary of Grandpa’s death.  It will be one year on March 1.  I think I’ll have to find a Bill Knapp’s Chocolate Cake for the party…just for him!

I asked the youngest about the party.

Me:  “Elise, what kind of party would you like for your birthday?”

Elise:  “A great one.”

Truer words have never been spoken!



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