Sunday’s Thoughts

7 02 2010

I’ve been thinking…again.  I like to get lost in my thoughts.  I like to be lost in my own little world.  My husband calls it “Disney Land.”

I have major revelations when I’m in that world.  However, I often forget them soon after they enter my mind.  Is this because of the chemo, getting older, having three kids, or all of the above?  I’m getting off track.  I hear my sister yelling, “FOCUS.”  OK, focusing!  This blog is an excellent way for me to jot down my thoughts…good or bad.  I better move quickly to the list before they leave as fast as they entered!

  1. “One cannot demand respect.” I cannot take credit for this one.  One of my favorite people reminded me of this over the weekend.  So true!  This may be my new motto.
  2. The Who rocks.  Loved them on the Halftime show!
  3. I saw a commercial for a new show on CBS where the CEO of the company goes undercover and works in the trenches with his/her employees.  I believe that there is a BIG problem if a CEO is able to do this.  Think about it.  If your employees do not know who you are, how can you effectively lead the organization?  Could Steve Jobs go “undercover” at Apple.  I don’t think so.  Should I watch the show for research purposes?  Should I send a letter to those that appear on the show?  I think I’ll pass.  I have enough to worry about.

Dang…I forgot the others.  They were pretty good too, at least I thought they were at the time.  Is it a sign that they were not good if I cannot remember?

Oh…I remember…

  1. (It says, “1” but I think this is “4”)  There are thousands of people on the Internet looking for desperate people trying to improve something about themselves or  their lives.  I guess I’m naive.  I am constantly amazed at the fake promises offered by these skum bags.  “Give us your first born and you can lose 50 lbs. overnight.”  “Free trial…enter your Credit Card information to continue.”  It is the old drug pusher technique.  I wasn’t prepared to  find these bottom feeders while searching for a computer game/program to help my oldest learn how to spell or during my search for post-cancer information.
  2. I have decided that I will no longer say, “NOW I’ve seen everything.”  Each day it becomes more clear that I have not.

I’m off to tuck the kids in for the night.

Thanks for reading my rambling list of thoughts.

Good night.



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