Dat’s Nasty!

2 02 2010

Our Precious Girl

Roy and I started this thing with the kids awhile ago.  I cannot remember the exact time we introduced this to the kids.  I may have picked this up from my mom.  Now that I think about it, I am 99.9% sure that my mom had said this to me at some point in my childhood.  Here goes:

“Don’t make me come in there and kiss you all over your face!”

We use it a lot with the boys when things get out of control.  It diffuses most situations without harsh punishments.  I’m not sure if the boys like it.  They usually giggle and respond, “No…don’t…stop it…” etc.

Elise loves it.  She has started using it with us over the past few months.  She’ll start, “I kiss you ald over!”  She’ll then pounce and begin to smooch us all over our face.  It is quite comical!

She started the routine again last night at bedtime.  When finished, Roy said, “My turn.  I’m gonna kiss YOU all over your face!”  He did…all over her face.  Our precious little girl looked at me…then at Roy…then back at me and said while wiping her face, “Ewww. Dat’s nasty!”

They got me again…twice in one week…I couldn’t hold back the hysterical laughter.



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