Bad Blogger…Bad…bad…bad

30 01 2010

Am I a “Bad Blogger?”  I missed a couple of days.  I guess it is bound to happen.  College President, three kids, one husband, Facebook, Twitter, email, and television.  It is hard to keep up.  Wait…I forgot to mention the NEVER ENDING PILE OF LAUNDRY.  How can three kids create SO MUCH LAUNDRY?  Sleep?  No time for that!

I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night  a lot lately.  Not sure why.  Lately I think it is because of the pain caused by a cracked rib or pulled muscle from coughing too much.  It has given me an opportunity to catch up on television shows I have recorded as well as being one of the first to see QVC’s “Today’s Special Value.”  I fell for the hosts sales tactics last night.  Bare Minerals WILL make me look younger and more beautiful than ever!

There is a point to this rambling.  I was catching up on the Daily Show episodes I have recorded.  I’ve been extremely disappointed with all news media, so John Stewart is my choice for news!  (Other than 15 minutes of NPR each morning on the way to work.) I watched the episode with Bill Gates.  Very interesting.  Did you know that he just started using Twitter?!?  Do you think this is why Apple has taken over the market?  Microsoft is behind the times?  Gates told Stewart, “I’ve only used it about 10 times.”  I wonder if he’s using Facebook?  I must investigate.  As a Mac convert, I will search to see if Steve Jobs uses either as well.  I thought Jobs was a genius until the announcement of the iPad.  First, the name.  Need I say more?  Second, the lack of multitasking.  What was he thinking?  I want to listen to music while surfing the web.  Geez.  I’m going to wait until Apple figures out how people use their products before I invest in their new products.

It is Saturday morning.  My ritual is to have coffee, eat a muffin, and watch at least one television show I have recorded.  The kids start to awake shortly after the show is over.  Unless we have somewhere to go, I allow the children to dress themselves.  The boys have to wear uniforms all week, so I consider it a chance for each to express their individuality through fashion.  The baby (who will be three in a few short weeks) isn’t allowed to pick out her own clothes during the week either.  The reason for this will be very clear later in this post.) I’ve been, rather reluctantly, allowing her a bit more independence (I really don’t want her to grow up…not yet…selfish?  Yes!). Anyway, she is also able to pick out her own clothes and dress herself on Saturdays.

I’ll end today’s news with the clothes our kids chose to wear:

Joey: PJ’s – he’s just going to have to put them on again later.

Nolie: Orange soccer socks, white t-shirt, red sweatshirt.  Pants are apparently optional in his world.

Elise:  Pull-up (I guess she decided potty training is for the birds) and swimming suit with matching pink socks.

Have a great weekend, Internet!



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